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Fitness First offers exclusive Ladies Only Gym for women to have a comfortable place to workout in an all-female environment. We have a variety of options available to join our unique portfolio of Ladies Gym in Sharjah.

When it comes to exercise, the needs between men and women are vastly different. It's for that reason that we at Fitness First in Sharjah have allocated a massive 1100 square feet of space for Ladies Only. Why? Because you are worth it. There is no compromise here.

We have done our research and examined the needs. Women need privacy. They are more hygiene focused and self-aware.

We offer a supreme number of effective options that will meet all levels of fitness. Women far prefer group exercises than men do, so if you look at our classes, you will find something to meet your needs, from gentle yoga, for beginners, to power yoga for those more experienced. We offer strength and conditioning classes, dance, Zumba, cardio facilities & Pilates.

Just because the Ladies Gym in Sharjah is only for women, it does not mean the facilities are any less than those we provide for men. On the contrary, our Ladies Gym in Sharjah is well stocked with a broad range of equipment and free weights that will meet your requirements for all levels and types of exercise.

Women have unique needs. They are built differently to men, have varying weight distribution and specific requirements as they age. For this reason, we have professional trainers that will assess your current fitness level & work out a plan that will match your ability. It may be for strength training, stretch, tone, fat burn or cardio. If you are a little older, you may need options to prevent osteoporosis.

All of this pertains to your physical well-being, but there is something else that is often overlooked. We have observed that many of our members have arrived feeling a bit alone and overwhelmed, but within a couple of weeks, they have made friends and have found a whole new community of women with whom they can identify. It is always very rewarding for us to watch women get to know each other, and the gym workout create friendships which continue outside of our doors. When we find ourselves providing not only physical improvement but also mental, emotional and social for our members, we are greatly satisfied.

Come and join us for a tour of our facilities and a free workout. There’s an open door at the Ladies Gym in Sharjah.

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