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Booking Policy

Booking Policy



1. MyFitnessFirst is our new system to provide more convenience and simplicity for all members. Accessible via the app or on our website. All members are required to use MyFitnessFirst to book all classes.

2. You can book 48 hours prior to a class starting

3. You can make a class cancellation up to 2 hours prior to a class starting

4. Class bookings will stop as soon as the class starts.

5. You will receive a reminder 3 hours before your booked class reminding you of your booking. If you can no longer attend, you must cancel so your space can be allocated to someone on the waiting list.

6. Please respect all members and ensure you cancel classes you can no longer attend, at least 2 hours before the class is due to start.

7. Booking classes and not attending will be notified to our club team who will address with members directly.

8. For Personal training bookings, you need to cancel your booked session minimum 24 hours in advance otherwise the session will be charged.

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