Fitness First UAE




XFit is our purpose built high intensity training studio located at Fitness First Uptown Mirdif and coming soon in other selected locations.


We promote Fitness where we have combined elements of functional conditioning systems, cardiovascular conditioning, gymnastic conditioning development, Olympic weight-lifting and high intensity resistance exercise systems to create XFit.

XFit workouts are designed to improve overall fitness. It's an intense strength and conditioning programme based on high intensity interval training.

Exercises include a combination of cardio, weight training, Olympic weight-lifting, high intensity dumbbell conditioning exercises, gymnastic movements and body weight conditioning exercises are fused together to get you to achieve your maximum potential of fitness and endurance within the minimum time frame.

We are also proud to offer the latest innovation MYZONE. An innovative tool to measure, track and review progress. MyZone has been integrated to the workout system to monitor how your body responds to each workout and enabling you to keep track of your effort levels and progress over time. Prepare to be wowed!

The XFit studio is kitted out with 'Rogue' equipment which is specially designed for these specific type of exercises.

Our XFit coaches are both qualified and certified in this area of functional fitness and focus on developing and enhancing a close-nit and supportive community of XFit members who are focused and motivated to push each other to reach new levels of fitness.




Every class is different, which mean no workout is repeated. With a specially designed DEEP (Daily Extreme Exercise Programme) set for participants to complete. This ranges from a timed workout (objective to complete the set workout in the fastest time possible), Maximum repetitions for a set time, an OTMEM (A set number of reps completed on the Minute Every Minute), Maximum Load progression with key movements (Setting personal Best's for weight) and also skill/technique based workouts.


Some images of our facilities and classes in selected clubs.