Fitness First UAE



Fitness First offers the latest innovation in the fitness industry offering classes for the whole family and kids of all ages from Pool activities, Dance and Educational classes, Martial arts, Performing Arts & Yoga to Sports activities and XFit for kids at selected clubs.


The Swim Academy

Fitness First's very own Swimming Academy provides swimming lessons from ages 3 years old + and all abilities. Our aim is to help our swimmers to reach their full potential and achieve their swimming goals, with lots of fun and support. Available in Meadows, Lakes and Town Center. Contact: Email:,
Tel: +971 4 4370545/4392323/4380338

Baby Splash

Baby Splash offer specialised Swim classes for Babies from 3 months to 3.5 years. Our classes use lots of colourful equipment and are full of fun, with the aim of teaching the early stages of swimming along with some self-rescue techniques. Available in Meadows. Contact: Email: ,Tel: +971 50 3549142


Calling all underwater ballerinas! If you love gymnastics, dance and swimming, then why not combine all three? The water and sunshine combination in Dubai is a wonderful marriage and Synquatics has come to celebrate. For 6+ years old. Available in Meadows, Lakes and Town Center. Contact: Email: Tel: +971 4 4370545/ 055 4485381




We help our students reach their potential with engaging instruction, intrinsic motivation and meaningful rewards. With programs in Math, English, Science, Adult English, Technology and SAT/ACT/IELTS prep services, MetaMindz is a leading name in 'After-School' enrichment and 'Test-Prep' services. We are are KHDA approved and licensed.
Available in Meadows from 6+ years. Contact



Dubai Performing Arts Ballet

DPA now offer children's ballet classes. Ballet promotes physical strength and agility, can boost concentration, develops an understanding of music and rhythm and generates a love of movement, and is the cornerstone for all dancing disciplines. Available at Meadows and Lakes. Contact: Email:, Tel: +971 4 424519 / 4 5177545

Irish Dancing

We offer Irish dance lessons to children from 4 years upwards. Open to boys and girls ages 4+ years. Available at Lakes. Contact: Email:, Tel: +971 506526288


Nearu Self Defence

Nearu is a training system that will increase your child's stamina and strength, making them faster, more accurate and agile.  We give our students the ability to protect themselves and help to boost their confidence. From 3 to 12 years. Available at Meadows and Lakes. Contact: Email:, Tel: +971 505015436

Golden Fist Karate

Whatever your self-defence needs or interests, regardless of age and ability, we have a program that suits you. Regular practice of karate can develop confidence, discipline, patience and resilience and reduce stress and anxiety. From 4 to 14 years. Available at Meadows, Lakes and Town Center. Contact: Email:, Tel: +971 4 4370545/ 5 54250077


Dubai Performing Arts

DPA offer classes in all aspects of Performing Arts; dancing, singing and drama. Our courses are designed by our Principals, Lisa Scott-Lee (of Steps fame) and Johnny Shentall-Lee (West End Star), based on their first hand experiences in the Musical Theatre and Pop World. For boys and girls from 4 to 18 years.
Available at Meadows and Lakes. Contact: Email:, Tel: +971 4 424519 / 45177545


Elite Squash Academy

The leading squash coaching program in the world that the current World No.1 uses. A strong emphasis on movement, fluency and timing allowing players to cover the court with ease. This helps create natural, confident squash players that advance through a relaxed body and mind.

For ages 3 to 19 years. Available in Meadows, Lakes and Town Center.
Contact: Email:, Tel: +971 4 437054 / 50 6253589 


SPORTZONE Junior Academies

SPORTZONEour world class sporting venue at Fitness First Meadows, offers a variety of new and innovative programs and activities for kids wishing to learn new sports:

Basicball (Basketball)

PSA (Badminton)

Soccerkids (Football)

Advantage (Tennis)

Cricket Academy