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One of the major services offered at Fitness First is personal training. We have an amazing team of experienced personal trainers across Dubai and UAE, who will walk along-side with you in your fitness journey.

We understand some of the challenges people face when it comes to getting fit. It’s not about just about joining a gym and hoping that you will succeed in getting fit through. Fitness is a science and one in which we specialise, it takes passion, dedication and hard work, but is very achievable. Your well-being and achieving results is our number one priority, so we will do everything to ensure you learn how to use the equipment correctly and get the results you desire in the most effective, fun and safest way possible

Here are 5 reasons why you should use Fitness First Personal Trainers and Instructors as your coaches of choice.

1.  Qualified Personal Trainers.

Being fit is one thing - being qualified to lead another towards fitness is a whole different exercise! Here at Fitness First, we ensure that our Personal Trainers are internationally qualified to train others and that each trainer keeps up to date with latest exercise developments. All our Instructors and Trainers are registered with REP's UAE.  REP's UAE (Registered Exercise Professionals) is a public register which ensures fitness professionals in the region are qualified and working to agreed fitness industry standards. The register was initiated and established by Dubai Sports Council and is part of a global network of fitness registers.

At Fitness First our qualified Personal Trainers work with you on a one on one basis. They motivate you by setting goals, prescribing exercise, instructing you through your work outs and giving you feedback and most importantly support, to ensure you reach your full potential and results

A Personal Trainer will conduct a client consultation to review your goals, assess your current fitness level and give advice on general health and well-being. They will then conduct one on one sessions with you, monitor your progress, making any adjustments necessary to ensure you maximise your work outs and achieve your goals.

2. Fitness Instructors

Before you jump into any form of major exercise routine, it's important that your fitness is assessed, so we can know which level of exercise is best for you. You are unique. Each of us has different genetic makeup that dictates our height, size and bone structure. At Fitness First we are used to dealing with all types of body shapes and degrees of fitness. That is why each new client is properly assessed. We will get a good idea of your history, including medical issues and how much exercise you have done in the past. Only after our assessment will we be able to create a personalised exercise regime to meet your individual abilities and needs. We will then assess your progress as you go along.

At Fitness First our Fitness Instructors are available to assist you during your work out. This can range from giving you advice on your technique when exercising to offering support when you wish to review your program. If you are new to the gym environment our Fitness Instructors will assist you with the equipment and guide you through all options that we have available to our members, from group exercise through to one on one Personal Training.

3. Personal Training Programmes

After you have been assessed, if you register with one of our Fitness First Personal Trainers, they will create an individualised personal training programme that will meet your needs. It is aimed at taking you from your current level of fitness to where you want to be. They will ask you what you would like to achieve and it may be a question you have never thought about. You may possibly say, “I just want to get fit,” or, “I want to lose weight.” Your Personal Trainer can set out a plan of action to attain those achievable goals. You will receive a written plan that you can use in between personal training sessions.

 4. Techniques

How different exercises are carried out is very important. It is possible to exercise in such a way that you cause an injury. With our qualified Personal Trainers at your side, you will learn the correct technique. They will teach you the exercise and show you how to hold your form and will help prevent muscle injuries or strained ligaments. Our trainers and instructors will ensure you warm up and stretch down, which is vital. All the valuable information you learn during these unique individual or group routines will equip you to feel confident in exercising between training sessions.

5. Motivation

Unfortunately, sometimes people can find a thousand excuses to not go to the gym or to miss a session. Your results can be squandered because of a lack of motivation. However, the best way to combat this is to have a personal trainer. It’s harder to bunk when you have someone waiting for you. With a personal trainer, you will see your fitness levels rise. You’ll start toning muscles, strengthening your core, feeling stronger and healthier. A personal trainer will keep you motivated with routine variation, using new exercises and different apparatus to keep the sessions fresh and different.

Contact Fitness First today to make an appointment with a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor. Whether you are very unfit and simply want to get fit or if you already fit and want to run a marathon, we have the ideal trainer available to meet your needs and help you to ‘Go Further’ in life.

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