Fitness First Reveals the Ultimate Fitness Experience with the Launch of RUSH


Fitness First, a pioneer in the regional fitness industry, is thrilled to introduce its latest signature program: the RUSH Class. A dynamic and fun 45-minute group workout designed to challenge and empower members on their fitness journey, RUSH uses eight working stations to seamlessly blend cardiovascular, strength, functional, fit bench, and core exercises.

Programme Highlights:

The RUSH experience consists of two rounds of high-intensity training, each block featuring 60 seconds of work for two exercises with a swift 10-second transition, followed by 10 seconds of recovery after each station. This pre-designed programme offers consistency across all Fitness First clubs, with refreshing updates every two weeks. Accompanying the workout is a specially curated pre-choreographed music playlist, enhancing the energising atmosphere.

Designed for Success:

The philosophy behind RUSH is rooted in improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance, ensuring members achieve exceptional results. The programme is meticulously crafted to align with diverse member goals, fostering engagement and promoting overall health and fitness.

What Sets RUSH Apart:

RUSH uses a variety of functional training equipment, keeping members engaged throughout the class. It caters to a wide audience, including those seeking a self-paced yet physically demanding workout, individuals who prefer a group environment without feeling overly scrutinised, and young adults eager for an exciting new training style.

Benefits for Members:

  • Efficiency: A 45-minute high-energy, time-efficient workout delivering maximum results.
  • Motivation: On-hand expertise, instruction, and support from skilled coaches, fostering teamwork and personal achievement.
  • Progressions: Fully customisable workouts for all levels and goals, with new programme releases challenging members into new movements.
  • Group Effect: Team-oriented workouts for enhanced connection and shared goals.
  • Results: A well-balanced workout yielding total body, functional strength, and cardiovascular development.

Who is RUSH For?

  1. Members seeking a physically demanding yet uncomplicated workout.
  2. Individuals desiring a challenging group environment without feeling watched.
  3. Male and female clients of all ages and lifestyles.
  4. Young adults looking for an exciting and innovative training style.

Experience the RUSH: Join Fitness First on this revolutionary fitness journey and discover the power of RUSH, where every minute counts, and maximum results are achieved in minimum time.




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