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What Can Fitness First Personal Trainers Do for You?

Our trainers will develop a personalized training program that fits your body, lifestyle and budget. They are certified experts in exercise physiology, anatomy, training program development, fitness assessments and applications. They excel at applying this knowledge to help you achieve your goal and go further in life.
Looking for the perfect personal trainer?
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Welcome to Personal Training by Fitness First

Fitness First Personal Trainers are highly qualified and take pride in treating every member as an individual. We understand that different training methods suit different people so no matter what your level of fitness or experience, a Personal Trainer can tailor a program, show you best training practices and how to use gym equipment, inspiring and motivating you along the way. 

We have trainers who specialize in all areas of fitness including weight loss, injury rehabilitation, sports training, core and strength training. Working with a Personal Trainer is no doubt the fastest and safest way to get the results you want. 

For best results, choose Personal Training by Fitness First.

    Why Personal Training

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    Our goal? Achieving yours

    With Personal Training, you get individual attention from an expert who will draw up a training plan customized to get you results. You will have an expert by your side all the way who is certified and equipped with the best tools and knowledge to help you get accelerated results.

    At Fitness First, you learn from some of the best and most passionate trainers around; you get an education that can empower you to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

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    Results made personal! Get the results you want with professional, passionate and highly qualified experts who take your goals and aspirations personally.

    Our trainers are all graduates of the Fitness First Asia Personal Training Foundation Programme where their know-how is reviewed, updated and assessed.

    Our Personal Trainers

    All our Personal Trainers are internationally accredited with male and female trainers from different nationalities to suit your preference.
    3D scanning a Fitness first member

    See yourself in 3D

    It’s brand new, it’s completely original, and it’s ready to revolutionalise your fitness experience! As part of your personal training package, you are entitled to one 3D scan.


    At-Home Personal Training

    You can now access over 500 internationally accredited personal trainers who can help you achieve your fitness goals faster - from the comfort of your own home.

    Our expert personal trainers will come to your home, create a personalized fitness plan and motivate you to go further in fitness.

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    Discover the New You

    Every Personal Trainer is Fitness First certified and takes pride in treating every client as an individual. We understand that different training methods suit different people. Excuses are a thing of the past as our Personal Trainers devise an exercise plan unique to your goal that makes you feel like a new person inside and out.

    Become a Personal Trainer

    The Academy by Fitness First provides quality and accessible education to those across the Middle East. We have a full range of courses on offer including Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing, Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training, Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training.

    Packages types

    Personal one-to-one 60 minute sessions designed to give comprehensive programming to our clients needs focusing on a holistic view of fitness to ensure clients' achieve their Goals.

    A group of 4 - 6 people in a focused and fun group environment. Group dynamic adds to the 'fun factor' of any workout helping us go further in our quest for ultimate fitness. 

    Designed for maximum results in minimum time. 30 minute sessions allow for those 'one the go', short on time or those new to the world of personal training to experience guided safe instruction to work toward achieving their results.

    Ideal for those who are looking to train with a friend or family member, this is a 60 minute 'two on one' Personal Training session to help those who need that friendly motivation and competition to achieve success in their lifestyle goals.

    Especially tailored for the population who are visiting Personal one-to-one 60 minute sessions designed to give comprehensive programming to our clients' needs focusing on a holistic view of fitness to ensure clients achieve their Goals.

    Offered to those aged 14 and 15 who have the opportunity to be introduced into the heath and wellness lifestyle in the correct way. The aim of these sessions is to educate on the benefits of a health lifestyle and its impact on the future.

    Train with Us

    The perfect complement to a healthy life is a happy life. Ramp up your fitness routine and upgrade your lifestyle when you train with us. Transform your body and mind with training techniques designed for the champion in you and nutrition plans geared to your needs.