Members Strive To Achieve Fitness Goals In 2017 With Fitness First’s #goaldigger Campaign

New campaign launched in the 2017 New Year encourages members to set goals, support each other and achieve them with the help of Fitness First

Members Strive To Achieve Fitness Goals In 2017 With Fitness First’s #goaldigger Campaign

GCC, January 2017: Fitness First, the region’s leading fitness brand, has announced a brand new campaign to inspire both members and non-members, to set and achieve their health and fitness goals called  #GoalDigger , launching in January 2017. The #GoalDigger concept will begin at the start of the year and challenges members to set and achieve realistic goals, encourages members to support each other by nominating them to commit to a goal and also promote compliance to achieving their goals through publicly pledging their commitment on social media with the added benefit to win prizes.

Inspired by common obstacles that people who train encounter on a daily basis, #GoalDigger examples include hitting the snooze button rather than getting up in the morning to fit in a workout, watching TV with a  loved one rather than going to the gym together, eating just one square of chocolate instead of the whole bar and so on. The #GoalDigger campaign aims to challenge members to set realistic, achievable fitness goals and accomplish them with guidance, expertise and great facilities at Fitness First. Members also have the chance to win prizes on a monthly basis including 3 month’s personal training, a 3 month membership and more.

The driving mechanism behind the campaign will revolve around existing members and their #GoalDigger success stories. Members will be encouraged to post on their personal Facebook or Instagram pages a goal that they commit in 2017 and share their “journeys” towards accomplishing these goals by tagging @fitnessfirstme and hashtag #ImAGoalDigger  The challenge urges Fitness First members to publicly announce their goals by posting them on the designed social media pages, this gives other members the opportunity to support each other’s goals creating a sense of unity amongst members.

Sarah Thomas, Head of Marketing, Fitness First Middle East, said, “The campaign is intended to be a personal and emotional journey based on real life scenarios, which everyone can relate to, with a focus on inspiration. Achieving any kind of goal, fitness or otherwise, is always a celebration and we intend to share this together with our members. Fitness First is renowned for being the gym that puts its members first with campaigns and activations that encourage them to be and feel at their best.”

A fitness haven for health enthusiasts, families and those new to the world of fitness, #GoalDigger sets to unite members whilst continuously striving and leading the way as the 360 health and wellness provider in the region.

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