Kinder "Dance With Me" Step Up Academy

The Kinder Dance with Me curriculum offers age appropriate exposure to developmental milestones through dance and sensory-motor activities whilst nurturing the bond between caregiver and child. Caregivers participate and learn to facilitate the natural exploration and progression of motor development through play, laying the groundwork for academic success as the child grows.

It FACILITATES resultant learning, which is the trial and error method children use to learn naturally from their mistakes and the reason repetition is so important with early motor learning.

It PROMOTES development of the Vestibulas System: the primary sensory system that influences a child’s ability to process movement, and the foundation for balance, spatial awareness, postural control, visual skills and higher level cognitive learning. It STIMULATES neurological development. Gross Motor and Language areas in the brain are the first to develop, and do so rapidly in the first two years. Coordination and speech acquisition are foundational skills for which higher level learning is built upon. For ages 15months – 24months (Must have parent/Nanny)

Exercise Type

It is designed to develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, tumbling, physical development, body and social awareness while learning colours, numbers, shapes and songs.For ages 2 years old (no parents allowed).


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