Empowering Minds: Fitness First's Approach to Mental Health Through Exercise


Mental health awareness month is observed throughout May, and Fitness First is highlighting the vital connection between fitness and mental well-being. Leading the charge is Ivana Sargic, Head of Fitness at Fitness First and a health and wellness expert.

"Mental health is as crucial as physical fitness," says Ivana Sargic. "At Fitness First, we believe in three essential pillars for all our members' overall well-being: movement, rest, and healthy eating. These pillars act as natural mood boosters, vital for both mental and physical health. For the best outcomes, we encourage integrating these elements into your daily routine."


Regular exercise is a powerful tool for reducing stress, enhancing mood, and improving sleep quality. Engaging in physical activity triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine, directly linked to improved mood and feelings of happiness. Moreover, it's an excellent opportunity to connect with others and foster a sense of community and belonging. At Fitness First, our goal is to create a community within each club, offering a wide variety of classes and activities for our members to enjoy.


Quality sleep is essential for mental and physical health. Adequate rest supports mood regulation and cognitive function. Fitness First emphasizes the importance of sleep hygiene and offers guidance on improving sleep patterns throughout regular physical activity.

Healthy Eating:

Good nutrition is vital for overall well-being. Eating nutrient-rich foods nourishes the body and mind, supporting mental health. Fitness First provides education on healthy eating habits to promote well-being.

Fitness First is committed to promoting mental health not only among its members but also within its own team. "We are actively involved in leading workshops and activities on mindfulness, well-being, and self-care for our staff," says Sargic. "Our team of Mental Health First Aiders undergo ongoing education to better support our staff and members."

During Mental Health Awareness Month, Fitness First is hosting various activities focused on mental health and well-being. However, the gym emphasizes that these efforts are part of its year-round commitment to mental health. "Our primary focus is preventing individuals from needing medical treatment," says Sargic. "Exercise not only reduces stress and improves mood but also boosts self-worth and enhances cognitive function by increasing blood flow to the brain."

Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved mood
  • Increased self-worth and self-esteem
  • Enhanced cognitive function and brain health
  • Improved Overall energy and Sleep improvement.
  • Social interactions and emotional support

"Fitness First is dedicated to improving mental health through exercise," says Sargic. "We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best, both mentally and physically."


For more information and to find your nearest Fitness First club, visit https://uae.fitnessfirstme.com/.

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