Fitness First’s ‘myzone Challenge’ Exemplifies Grit, Torches Calories Worth 137000 Pizzas.

Exceeds target of 25 million calorie count in November 2015

Fitness First Me Celebrates A Decade Of Strength, Innovation, And Success

137000 pizzas in a single month? That does sound impossible, but the members of Fitness First Middle East did just that. 

Making fitness fun, competitive and prize-worthy; all at the same time, Fitness First’s MYZONE ’25 Million Calorie’ challenge surpassed the target and burnt a mammoth 85million calories in 86,617 hours in the campaign that has been on a roll ever since it was flagged off on 1st November 2015 across 6 countries.

Conceptualized bearing in mind the benefits of using the MYZONE belt, Fitness First’s inventive challenge is an initiative led by its employees who encouraged its usage and invited members to track performance, calorie count and measure results all with the common goal of achieving a combined calories burn of 25 millions

Sharing details of the challenge, George Flooks said; “We continuously channelize our efforts and creativity in making fitness routines fun and a trend for our members. With the MYZONE 25 Million Calorie Count Challenge, we wanted to set benchmarks in fitness ambitions and set an example for others who are eager to take up fitness for a better life. We are overwhelmed by the response which went far beyond our expectations and we are exhilarated by the zest and vigour our participants portrayed to reach the calorie count of 85 million amounting to 354,166 bars of chocolate or 127,000 hours of running.”

 Fitness First Dubai Festival City club won the challenge and burnt 1.6 million calories also were home to the winners in both male and female category.

While the average calories burnt per member was 19,585, equivalent to 39 workouts per person in a month, Mr Radhouane Gasmi burnt a total of 213,633 calories and lost 20 Kgs in route to clinching the title. He went the extra mile to better his personal best by completing the herculean task of running two marathons (84kms) in a single day and was supported by the club staff at all times. Shadi Fazl who achieved the highest calories burnt by any female participant, lost 8kgs in weight and burnt a total of 107,259 calories in the process. Shadi who gave up working out at her residence gym to join Fitness First burnt 5 times more calories than the average and was awarded along Mr. Gasmi and the top 10 challengers in both the male and female categories. 

George added “Working towards the vision of being the fittest company, we set an example by sending a strong team of 50 from across various departments in the company to participate in the Dubai International Triathlon. The outstanding results of the challenge only show that we are not only the fittest company in the Middle East but also have the fittest members.”

Over achieving the target by over 60 million with participation from 53 clubs, Fitness First’s MYZONE 25 Million Calorie Challenge burnt off 410628 scoops of ice cream to become one of the most popular challenges. Now that’s some awesome news!

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