#unleashyourself Fitness First Middle East Challenges People To Unleash Their Full Potential

Unveils their region-wide brand campaign to encourage people to go to new lengths in fitness through inspiring and impactful creatives

Man facing a lion

Fitness First, one of the world’s leading fitness club providers has unveiled its newest brand campaign, #UnleashYourself, on Sunday 25th September 2016.

The distinctively different campaign features a variety of predators from the animal kingdom, such as a lion, falcon and cheetah; to represent the many different types of gym-goers and their inner animal traits that can be unleashed while training. These different animal representations also reflect the multitude of fitness and group exercise offerings that Fitness First Middle East clubs boast throughout the region, ranging from best-in-class strength training and cardio equipment to group exercise classes to suit all ages and fitness levels.

Moving away from commonly used aspirational health, fitness and inner strength images, Fitness First has chosen to focus on individuals unleashing their maximum potential in pursuit of their fitness objectives – whether it be increasing their power and strength, improving their power and endurance when swimming and preparing for a marathon or increasing their general level of activity through participating in inclusive group training classes. The powerful creatives portray immense power, strength and force that will compel audiences to delve into their wild side to achieve their fitness goals within the gym, and use their improved confidence to achieve further success in their outside life. The campaign is a testimony to the Fitness First’s commitment to bring about various dimensions to fitness as a lifestyle.

The campaign boasts a fitness solution for every body and every training style. The striking creative encourages people to think and discover more about how they can unleash themselves with a mini video series that portrays the different individual personalities and exercises. For example, a lion clearly personifies strength and power, represented by a woman deadlifting a barbell; the pack of wolves represents a group of friends participating in a group exercise class; the falcon represents the latest trend for innovative High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methods where Fitness First members can have an experience like no other at the exclusive XFit studio, just to name a few.

To help people discover which animal and training style is the best fit for their personality and lifestyle, Fitness First is encouraging participation in an online quiz. Answering a series of questions will determine which training program they should download from the Fitness First website to help them increase their fitness levels and move them closer towards their goals. Fitness First are also offering free 5-day guest passes and body composition analysis for non-members to try out the free training plans that have been developed by their leading and internationally accredited personal trainers. There are five training plans available to download: strength, cardio, swimming, group exercise and HIIT, to reflect the predators chosen for the campaign.

Speaking about their innovative campaign; Sarah Bell, Head of Marketing, Fitness First ME said; “Our aim is to capture the attention of the wider public and our existing members in the Middle East. We want to inspire people from all different backgrounds with varying fitness ability and experience and show them that, whether they realise it or not, they have the inner potential to achieve new goals and reach new levels of health and fitness, through unleashing their inner capabilities. The link between the animal characteristics and a person’s inner power that can be unleashed is portrayed vividly through the use of strong images and videos. We want people to stop, reflect and act in making a commitment to their health and fitness goals. We also want to to inspire our existing members and remind them why they have committed to their goals and all the varieties of training they can take part in from swimming, Group Exercise, High Intensity Training to running; it’s about unleashing their inner power and going further with their fitness and lifestyle aspirations.

Fitness First’s new campaign is timed to precede a host of innovative initiatives, new product launches, fitness activities and member-engagement programs across the region.

Discover how you can #UnleashYourself at uae.fitnessfirst-me.com/UnleashYourself

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