Giving your best is not enough, when you can giveall you’ve got.

   My goal is to ensure positive and effective changes and this is what I do best as

          a Personal Trainer . Clients are the most important part of my work. My professional

                fulfillment is based on their triumph. This is why I always updated my knowledge in

                health maintenance and rehabilitation procedures. I am a man who believes that wellness

                is a mattter of choice. If you choose to be healthy, then you are very much willing to extend

                a hand in staying fit and in shape.


Bachelor in Science of Occupational Therapy degree

Certified Advance Trainer of Fitness First ME

Certified CYQ Level 4 Exercise and Nutrition Intervention for Obesity and Diabetes

Certified CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutrition management

Certified CYQ Level 2 for Fitness Instructor

Associate in Health Science Education    

Certified Power Plate facilitator 

PNRC certified First Aid & Basic Life Support Instructor

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