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Don’t take our word for it, here’re what some of our members have to say about the results they’ve achieved.

Amal Al Halyan

Fitness First member (Marina Mall Abu Dhabi)

At first, I was not sure how to exercise. I was diagnosed with tachycardia and any exercise, no matter how simple it was, increased my heart rate to an extent that made going to the gym an uncomfortable experience. I also never had gym mentor who understood my medical condition and my physical needs, and instructs me to do what’s suitable for my body.  My aim from joining the gym was to keep my heart healthy. But given the above facts, I was about to give up on exercising. 
Then, I was introduced to Filipa, my personal trainer at Fitness First, Marina Mall. She was the answers to my prayers.  After over a year of personalized training with her, I achieved my goal in improving my heart condition, my body posture, flexibility and muscle tone. She introduced variety of techniques and exercises the fits my abilities. On the other hand, she challenged me to do more. I ended up enjoying her challenges. Day by day, I am looking forward to be trained by her. 
Now, I am more confident in exercising and I know more about what is suitable for me and what is advanced. So this gave me the ability to exercise alone, without my PT.  I am welcoming my forties with grace and confidence.  I would recommend Fitness First, Marina Mall, to everyone who’d been reluctant to exercise because of similar difficulties. 

I would sum up my impression on Fitness First, Marina Mall as: 
Clan: Family-like environment, supportive and mentoring 
Competent: Professional and efficient 
Confirmatory: Positive in their approach 
Cheery: Fun to exercise

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