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Fitness First offers exclusive Ladies Only Gym for women to have a comfortable place to workout in an all-female environment. We have a variety of options available to join our unique portfolio of Ladies Gyms in Abu Dhabi.

Most gyms across the world are designed by men with men in mind. We at Fitness First Ladies Gym in Abu Dhabi are so proud to say that we are changing that perception. We have created a spacious, impressive, feminine gym for the women of our community, without compromising on the professional equipment our gyms are known for. It is our desire to improve your health through exercise in a comfortable, women-only, inviting environment.

There are so many options when it comes to exercise. We understand the uniqueness of women and so all our Ladies Only gyms in the Middle East are staffed by women, including management and personal trainers. For us it has been a fun experience sitting down and planning for women’s needs. Our research has taught us what ladies are looking for at a gym. Apart from their desire to get fit and work on their bodies, we have discovered that a high priority for women is for their workout environment to be clean, hygenic and for them to feel accepted and understood. At Fitness First Ladies Gym in Abu Dhabi, that’s what we are aiming for.

Gym takes on a whole new vibe when it is for women only. There’s a relaxed atmosphere making women feel confident and at ease. We know that women prefer group classes, so we have designed more than a dozen options from yoga and stretch classes to high impact cardio workouts that will increase your fitness and stamina. We have noticed that many a friendship develop during these classes. We have also ensured that they are spread across all times of the day so you can fit a class in at a time that suits you and your home responsibilities.

Of course, at Fitness First Ladies Gym in Abu Dhabi, we also have the free weights and extensive range of exercise machines. You may decide to warm up on the treadmill or exercise bike or take it to the next level and have a high speed 5km run.

What we will do for you when you first join is assess your fitness and find out what you would like to achieve. From that first meeting, we can suggest options for you that will maximise the opportunity for you to reach your fitness goals, whether it be weight loss or the aim of running a marathon. Exercising at Fitness First Ladies only gym is a great way to get fit, distress and make new friends

Come along and visit us in Abu Dhabi. Bring a friend. We will be happy to show you around and you can choose a class to try out.

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