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Fitness First offers exclusive Ladies Only Gym for women to have a comfortable place to workout in an all-female environment. We have a variety of options available to join our unique portfolio of Ladies Gyms in Dubai.

Women and their health needs are so important to us at Fitness First, that we have specifically dedicated gyms for them in several of our and an entire gym in Dubai for Ladies Only in Uptown Mirdif.

We have equipped our gyms with not only professional state of the art equipment but also with professional state of the art female trainers! They are qualified to assess your needs and work out an effective strategy that will enable you to improve your fitness, build muscle, reduce weight, tone and strengthen. We know that most women want to deal with their sensitive weight issues outside of the view of men. Getting fit is easier if you're relaxed and having fun without being concerned about how you look. We all agree that it is probably easier and more comfortable as a woman working out in a women's only class.

Many of us enjoy an all-female environment with ladies only personal trainers and group exercise classes. We know that not everyone wants to work out in a co-ed atmosphere and that's no longer an issue with the Ladies Gym in Dubai. One thing we have learnt at Fitness First Ladies Gym in Dubai is that women love socialising. We have worked hard to create a relaxed atmosphere with loads of enjoyable classes that our members can do together. Everywhere women are beginning to get a little of the freedom and the ability to feel secure and relaxed in an all-female environment. Our own fitness club is no exception. Fitness First recognizes the unique needs of our female trainees and in response we offer women-only gyms and fitness classes in Dubai.

Are you ready to get fit, feel better and make a few new friends? Aerobic exercise in a ladies gym in Dubai can help you to accomplish all of that and more. Get fit and have just the girls for company, making it a little less stressful when you're working out.

We have exercises for every woman, regardless of size or fitness level. Our main aim at Fitness First Ladies is for you to be comfortable and to get fit. For that reason, we have designed the entire gym around your needs. It's a gym by women, for women.

Come and join us for a tour of our facilities and a free workout. We are so looking forward to you joining us.

Check out our Ladies Only Gyms in Dubai and what classes they have on offer.

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